1. Electronic trading
  2. Instruments
  3. Electronic market players
  4. Dark pools
  5. High frequency trading
  6. Market microstructure
  7. Order book
  8. Flash crash
  9. Technical analysis
  10. Market timing
  11. Hedge fund strategies
  12. Probability and statistical distributions
  13. Stochastic calculus for finance
  14. Technical infrastructure
  15. Programming languages
  16. Data mining
  17. Machine learning
  18. Testbed setup
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  1. Sources of ideas
  2. Historical data sources
  3. Backtesting
  4. Selection criteria
  5. Strategy implementation
  6. Algorithm runtime optimization
  7. Trading algorithm comparison
  8. Null hypothesis testing
  9. Monte Carlo simulation
  10. Genetic optimization
  11. Walk forward analysis
  12. Transaction cost analysis
  13. Performance measurement
  14. Position sizing
  15. Hardware accelerators
  16. Pairs trading
  17. Statistical arbitrage
  18. Global macro
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  1. Broker selection
  2. Broker connection APIs
  3. Real-time data feed selection
  4. Demo account
  5. Real account
  6. Order execution
  7. Position management
  8. Rollover
  9. Automated trading robot
  10. Safety measures
  11. Portfolio management
  12. Common pitfalls

Bonus: Bitcoin algorithmic trading platform

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Your Unique Winning Strategies

Within this all-encompassing single online learning site, we provide all the necessary theories, knowledge, strategies, practices, resources, and references to help you join the elite group of competent algorithmic retail traders at your own pace.

You will go through a series of online courses and practices to build your own automated trading platform and trading strategies. We have had over 2,000 trading strategies that are suitable for different instruments, different markets, different trading styles, different  The contents are updated continually to keep our position at the leading edge of algorithmic retail traders.

We support open-source spirit that drives the fast-growing software ecosystem. It means that you will have your own high-performance trading platform at the lowest possible costs with all source code of your strategies (no more black boxes!), fully transparent. In fact, you may even build your own black box by using hardware accelerators such as FPGA (Field-Programmable-Gate-Array), PCIe boards and/or embedded systems.

We have done the hard part, now it's time for you to become an algorithmic trader. Be sure to communicate and learn from each other in the discussion forum. When you give one, you will get more.

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